Meet Will Mac

What’s your name ?
Will Mac
What’s your beards name ?
Golly gosh, I’ve never named it but most people nickname it Dumbledore or Gandalf.
In 25 words or less, tell us what you were doing before you tackled these questions or what you are doing after… whatever’s more exciting.
Watching The Bachelor with my Colombian flatmate and a couple of glasses of wine to see whom Sam chooses. #teamheather #givemearoseSam
Who’s your best mate ? Why?
I’m going to cheat and say three very dear friends.
First, Elodie my “ex-wife” – she and I have been friends for over 10 years and even went travelling together through the Middle East and North Africa. She’s completely down to earth, smart, and is incredibly switched on…she’s also incredibly easy to scare and prank…which she hates…especially when I proposed to her in a busy restaurant and she cracked it. We did get free drinks though.
Second is Nick, my best friend from school who I became friends with in year 7. He was one of the first I ever opened up to about my mental health problems and knew from the very first moment how to help me with it. The most important thing he did for me though is convincing me to read Game of Thrones…#teamDaenerys
Lastly, Jimmy, my closest uni mate, who has exactly the same sense of humour and ridiculous attitude to life as I do. Although we’ve only been friends for 5 years I couldn’t imagine how boring my life would be without him. The only problem I have with him is his terrible fashion choices.
What does being Burly mean to you ?
Burly to me means masculine and rugged. All the girls (and some guys) would swoon over someone that’s burly.
What line of work are you in ?
Currently looking for full time work but do volunteering and interning at several organisations such as The Australian Institute of International Affairs and World Vision. One day after I win the lottery I’d like to write down “Professional traveller” as my job title because if I could I’d spend my life travelling and being a general nomad.

What do you do when you’re not working ?
Watch The Bachelor. I also love to grab coffee or beers with friends, take my dog to the beach, read books and articles, plan my future travels, catch up on any new TV shows, watch ridiculous YouTube videos, research any new Game of Thrones related news, and brush my beard. Did I mention watching The Bachelor?
Tell us your favourite Burly Fellow product. Why?
I love the beard oil in the bottle. Not just for the scent of the product but also the meaning behind the entire Burly Fellow movement. I receive a lot of free beard oils but none have such a strong and powerful message behind it. I do need to get my hands on that flask though.
When the issue of men’s mental health is mentioned, what springs to mind? Is this something that’s important to you?
Having suffered from anxiety and other mental health problems for over ten years mental health means a lot to me. It is only now that the taboo of talking about it is going away. Having friends to talk to and open up about it is such an important step in improving mental health. Also listening to friends who want to talk about it and understanding that you can’t just “get over” anxiety and depression.
Lastly, we’ll present you with this hypothetical situation:
You’re about to permanently lose your hearing, what’s the last song you listen too before it all shuts down?
Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Hands down without a doubt.